Adam’s House (1928)


Adam’s House (1928). Watercolor with charcoal on paper. Wichita Art Museum.

From Hopper’s Places (1998, Univ. of California Press), by Gail Levin: “The subject of Adam’s House, situated on a high hill overlooking the town below, …remains just about as it looked when Hopper painted his watercolor. Even the locations of the yellow fire hydrant and the utility pole are unchanged. Only the ornament that hung over the doorway is missing, replaced by an additional pair of shutters and a trellis at the entrance. The large tree in the yard on the left has disappeared, and the style of the picket fence has changed; but the view of Gloucester beyond is essentially the same. The contrast of the foreground with the distant panoramic view of the town below makes this a particularly interesting composition.”

As of 2010, things are remarkably the same: the white picket fence still stands; the house on the extreme right remains, as does the larger house down the hill in the center right; and there’s still an unobstructed view of City Hall’s clock tower. Only the position of the utility pole is markedly different from Hopper’s vantage point.


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