Julietta House


While touring Edward Hopper locales in Gloucester, stay at Julietta House. Located only steps away from Hopper’s two vistas of Prospect Street, Julietta House is also a central point from which to seek out most of Hopper’s many Gloucester perspectives.

During the fall and winter of 2009-10, I lived in Gloucester, residing at Julietta House; and, in exchange for rent, I was commissioned by the innkeeper, Susan Albiero, to start this artistic quest. While many of Hopper’s houses had been identified over the years, a number of them still remained elusive. (Not only that, but images of a number of these works could not even be found on the internet.)

Using Julietta House as our base of investigations (and employing the aid of a trusty guide dog, who goes by the alias of “Tiglet”), Susan and I were able to track down myriad houses — for instance: those of Captains Parkhurst & Welch, as well as Abbot’s & Tony’s — that even Hopper’s ghost would be hard-pressed to recognize today.

But there are still a few mysteries yet to be solved. So, come to Gloucester, and continue the quest for yourself!

~ Daniel Marley, Screenwriter / Hopperhead


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