Italian Quarter, Gloucester (1912)


Italian Quarter, Gloucester (1912). Oil on canvas. Whitney Museum of American Art.

From Edward Hopper’s New England (1993, Pomegranate Artbooks), by Carl Little: “Even more in line with his later work is Italian Quarter, Gloucester. In this canvas, Hopper already displays his fascination with architectural configurations, how one roofline plays off against another, how windows lend a structure personality, how a house sits in its surroundings. One thinks of a bit of counsel [Robert] Henri gave his students at the Chase School:

‘I want to see these houses solid, I want them to feel like houses. I don’t care about your drawing and your values – they are your affair. They will be good if you make me sense the houses and they will be bad, however “good” they are, if you do not make those houses live.’


2 thoughts on “Italian Quarter, Gloucester (1912)

  1. I am a 4th generation owner of the yellow house, in the Italian Quarter painting. The interior of the house still has the original charm and wood moldings. I am blessed to own such a great house.
    Peter Favazza

  2. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for your input!
    It’s great to hear of the continuity with your family and that particular house.
    If you can take a photo of your house from the exact angle in Hopper’s painting, I’d love to see it.
    Please send to
    Susan Albiero (of Julietta House) and I drove all around Gloucester and Cape Ann, over 7 years ago, searching out all the houses and angles from where Hopper composed his work almost 100 years ago.
    But I don’t think we ever found the Favazza house!
    Thanks very much for sharing!

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